COVID-19 Testing for Key Workers

Have you and your employees been frustrated by having to self isolate when you don’t even know whether there’s anything wrong, but you have to be on the safe side? This is where testing can be useful. Essential workers (also known as Key Worker) can go to government website and arrange a test. They canContinue reading “COVID-19 Testing for Key Workers”

Self Employed and expecting nothing

Survive on £94 a week? Some self employed people are already on benefits. Misunderstood and much maligned. Unsupported and treated like a greedy kid. We are often at odds with the media, the nation and even our friends. We are a hotch potch of people. Many don’t trust the government to support us and soContinue reading “Self Employed and expecting nothing”

Scary times, but help is all around

We are business people. But business people are people. People worried for our families, friends and our livelihoods. Remember, there is a community out there. There are lots of of people who want to see you alright. We can share. We can support. We can get though it. Celebrate what you can do and don’tContinue reading “Scary times, but help is all around”