Scary times, but help is all around

We are business people. But business people are people. People worried for our families, friends and our livelihoods. Remember, there is a community out there. There are lots of of people who want to see you alright. We can share. We can support. We can get though it. Celebrate what you can do and don’t feel bad about what you can’t.

It’s an emotional roller coaster right now. It is often said about owning your own business, but it has never been more true. Employees looking for direction. Pressure from family members to stand down. The financial commitment and wondering if giving up is really an option.

I’ve seen so much support on Twitter (choose who you follow), individually (choose with whom you network) and mostly with customers and suppliers. It feels like we really are all in this together. It feels like my problems are your problems and we’ll solve them together. Both my personal neighbours and business neighbours are asking how I am. They are both asking for help and asking how they can help.

Take the offers. People like to be helpful. Give what you can. Only offer what you have. Take breaks. This is gonna take a while, if you’re going to survive, you need to maintain yourself. Take care. Be kind (to yourself and to others). There is help and if you’re not getting it, be prepared to shout a little louder.

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